Wilson-McShane Corporation is a third party administrator of over 100 Taft-Hartley Multiemployer Funds and is committed to providing plan participants with exceptional customer service.


Wilson-McShane Corporation provides stable, high quality and responsible third party administration for Taft-Hartley Multiemployer benefit funds. Taft-Hartley Multiemployer funds are not union funds or company funds, but instead are trust benefit funds that are jointly administered by labor and management trustees. Trustees of Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plans hire us to perform various functions associated with the administration of the fund. Those functions typically include: receiving contributions from employers, determining participant eligibility, paying healthcare claims and pension benefits and performing the day-to-day recordkeeping activity for the funds. In addition, Wilson-McShane provides payroll audit and collection services and also administers a joint workers’ compensation program for Minnesota’s construction industry. No two funds are serviced the same; we take the time to customize every aspect of our clients’ needs.

Health and Welfare Funds

Health plans which provide medical as well as prescription drug, short-term disability, vision and dental benefits to employees, retirees and their families

Defined Contribution Funds

Retirement plans which result in account balances at retirement based on contributions and investment returns

Defined Benefit Funds

Retirement plans which pay monthly benefits to retirees for their lifetime

Vacation Funds

Benefit plans which help employees save for vacations and time off work

Apprenticeship and Training Funds

Programs which train apprentice and journey workers in their craft

Workers’ Compensation

Wilson-McShane also administers a joint workers’ compensation program for Minnesota’s construction industry. For more information, please visit www.ucwcp.com.

What is a Taft-Hartley multiemployer plan?

A Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plan is an employee benefit plan established by a trust agreement and funded by contributions from collective bargaining agreements to which more than one employer contributes. These collective bargaining agreements can involve one or more local unions that are a part of the same national or international labor union and represent multiple employers. These plans are considered Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plans if the plan sponsor is a joint board of trustees consisting of equal representation from labor and management. These trustees are responsible for the overall operation and administration of the plan. Wilson-McShane Corporation is hired by such boards of trustees to administer the day-to-day business of the plan.

Which industries typically have Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plans?

Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plans are often found in industries and geographic areas where several employers are covered by collective bargaining agreements with one or more participating local unions. Covered participants could work for several of those employers during their career. Examples of these industries include construction, food industry, arts and entertainment, retail stores, transportation, service (including hospitality and health care workers), mining and communications.

Who is helped by Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plans?

Workers: Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plans provide benefit security for participants and beneficiaries through pooling of risk and economies of scale for employees in a unionized workforce covered by the plan. They also provide portability of certain benefits and eligibility for those employees who move from employer to employer within the industry covered by the plan. As a result, Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plans often enable eligibility to be transferred from employer to employer or job to job while avoiding interruptions in coverage that would apply without this portability.

Employers: Taft-Hartley Multiemployer plans also help employers with a union workforce by making coverage available on a more cost-effective basis due to a pooling of risk and economies of scale.


Pat McShane and John Wilson founded Wilson-McShane Corporation in 1969. When John Wilson retired in 1992, Matt Winkel became Pat McShane's new partner. Matt is now the sole owner of Wilson-McShane. In August 2006, Karen Holt joined the Wilson-McShane team and has since been appointed to the President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Wilson-McShane has been extremely successful at creating long-lasting relationships, both internally and externally. This experience and continuity of personnel speaks to the internal strength, stability and integrity of our firm.




Our primary responsibility is to provide courteous, timely and accurate services to trustees, plan participants, contributing employers and our fellow employees at all times.

Valuing Each Other

We expect professionalism in our work and actions at all times.

Striving to Continually Improve

Our commitment to incremental improvement in work and process by everyone every day, delivers value to our clients.


Service Excellence

Giving unsurpassed, first class service and achieving excellence each passing day.

Defending the Plan

It is our responsibility to defend the integrity and spirit of the plans we administer. We must make certain that participants get every penny of benefits that they have coming as quickly and easily as possible. At the same time we must also ensure that participants do not receive a penny more than they are entitled to receive.


Wilson-McShane Corporation’s vision is to be the country’s premier third party administrator. Being the finest third party administrator does not mean being the biggest, but it does mean being the best in terms of client value, customer service, technology, employee talent and strategic and planned growth.


Wilson-McShane helps United Way raise money each year and is committed to supporting our community and showing the importance of volunteer work. We are dedicated to our employees and our clients and feel it is important to foster continued growth between our company and the community it resides.


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